Milo Foundation Fundraiser

Wow, this weekend was amazing! I was one of many vendors at Goods For Good, a fundraiser for the Milo Foundation.

The Milo Foundation is a non-profit rescue, sanctuary, and adoption center for domestic animals. After being a volunteer dog walker there over eleven years ago, I met and adopted my soulmate puppy, Jupiter.

My daughters and I still volunteer to walk dogs and play with cats at the Point Richmond location. I love their mission and was SO happy to donate a percentage of my proceeds from this event to them.

There were so many creative women at Sunday's event, and it was such a pleasure to meet and learn from them all. I love our community of makers, who encourage and protect each other. It was classic - when other vendors realized that I was (a) a newbie and (b) hadn't had much business, they put on my garments and walked around to pique interest. I almost cried with joy when it worked, and folks came to look at my work. Seriously, the sense of affirmation one gets when people look at what you do - and like it! It felt like floating on a cloud.

Here are some of the lovely women who came by my booth:
Trying on a Kimono Wrap in double gauze

In a linen Kimono Jacket

In a linen crop top

And it was so fun to see this blouse of mine being worn around town later in the week!

I so appreciate the creators of this event, Elisse and Nannette, and look forward to being there again next year.

In the meantime, I'm putting up new items at my Etsy store this week so stay tuned for the link!


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