Point Richmond Pop Up

Hi everyone!

I have been so busy in the studio preparing items for the pop up in Point Richmond this past weekend. A new silhouette, the Tiny Collar Top, made its debut, as well as a few dresses I've been working on.

Thanks to everyone's feedback, I've ordered some more of the gorgeous turquoise linen, plus more of the golden ginger brown, so expect to see some fun colors represented besides my much-loved neutrals of black, grey, navy, and white.

Here are some lovely women who came to the light-filled Plantillo studio in the charming and quirky downtown Pt. Richmond over the weekend:

Emily looks radiant in her new cotton twill Temescal Tee

Cynthia scored the only Rockridge Wrap available, this one in a lightly felted charcoal wool.

Heidi looks adorable in her cropped Temescal Tee - along with pants she made herself!

Kate was the first customer of the day and picked up a new long sleeved version of the Temescal Tee just in time for cooler fall weather.

Steffi opted to wear her new blouse right out of the studio, along with that stunning necklace of hers!

And here was my Sunday back home in my own studio...super motivated to cut into more ivory cotton twill, blue linen, and much much more to come!

Thanks to everyone who came out - your support and feedback mean the world. It's gratifying to make things that help you feel strong, stylish, and confident. 


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