Hey there, thanks for dropping by. My name is Romy and I'm the sole proprietor of dejaluxe style. My sewing studio has been powered by the sun since 2014. I create my garments using natural fibers, strict attention to fabric grain and draping, and an eye for silhouettes which enhance your natural confidence and style.

Being conscious of the destructive environmental impact of fashion is very important to me. In 2009, I swore off purchasing any clothing except for what I could make myself, buy second-hand, or buy from a fellow maker or fair-trade certified seller. I'm further refining my efforts by using fabric remnants and second-hand fabrics to create my garments wherever possible. The gorgeous textiles of the world belong on our backs, in our quilts, and adorning our homes - not choking up landfills.

I have a Bachelor's in Fashion Design from Florida State University and worked professionally as a costume designer for opera and musical theater from 2009- 2016. I'm now working at an amazing visual and performing art school in Oakland, California. I love my dogs, my spouse, and my kids (not in any particular order), am obsessed with shoes and lipsticks, and get cranky if I'm not making something.


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